Would it be ‘A New Deal for Tenants’?

The Scottish Government has published a paper seeking views from interested parties on ‘A New Deal for Tenants’.

The paper can be found here, and the consultation taken here, or a Word version here.

The Executive summary for the paper states that it includes:

  • delivering a new deal for private rented sector tenants that puts them on a more equal footing with social rented tenants, through the introduction of a
    new Housing Bill in the second year of this Parliament;
  • establishing a regulator for the private rented sector that will enforce defined standards and considering the role of the existing Regulator covering social rented housing – through legislation by the end of this Parliament;
  • implementing a national system of rent controls for the private rented sector, whilst exploring what further action we can take to ensure rents in the social rented sector are affordable by the end of 2025;
  • creating a new Housing Standard covering all homes; and
  • regulating to set minimum standards for energy efficiency and zero emissions heating.

Further into the paper, it states their ‘vision is for a rented sector which contributes to the following outcomes:’

  • Everyone has access to a warm, safe, affordable and energy efficient home that meets their needs: the rented sector promotes equality of housing outcomes and supports delivery of the right to adequate housing;
  • Improving the quality of rented homes: all rented accommodation, irrespective of tenure, provides tenants with good quality, sustainable/net carbon homes, supporting social justice and equalities;
  • Ensuring adequate supply of homes: rented accommodation supports local approaches to maximising supply of the right homes in the right places and improving choice, affordability and quality in both the social and private sectors;
  • Anyone who requires support to manage and stay in their tenancy can access it: no matter the tenure, all tenants who require additional support can access it;
  • People have affordable housing choices: there are available housing choices with total housing costs that are proportionate to people’s average incomes, including for those on low to modest incomes and people with an acute housing need have swift access to the Social Rented Sector;
  • We recognise that the private rented sector provides a range of housing solutions, with options that are affordable for most people, allowing them to benefit from the flexibility and choice of location provided by the sector;
  • The rented sector supports a place based approach to housing that supports community empowerment; and
  • All tenants have a voice: building on existing strengths and experience in Tenant Participation in the social sector that extends to all tenant groups.

And, ‘In order to achieve this vision, the following strategic aims have been identified:’

  • to ensure that all homes for rent in Scotland are good quality and help deliver net zero aims;
  • to provide affordable options, irrespective of the tenure lived in or where in Scotland a home is rented;
  • to help enable growth and investment and help increase the overall supply of affordable housing;
  • to contribute to tackling child poverty, eradicating fuel poverty, ending homelessness and ensuring the right to an adequate home; and
  • to ensure a clear understanding of the needs of minority ethnic communities, women, people with disabilities and all people with protected characteristics – informs delivery of this strategy to promote equality of outcome and experience of the rented sector.






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