Will Labour learn to love landlords?

In a blog, Harry Phibbs, the Local Government Editor of Conservative Home questions states that ‘ socialists have been keen on smashing in recent years are the landlords. As they are an unpopular group – especially the “fat cat” buy-to-let landlords with multiple properties – the Conservatives have found it expedient to join in a bit. Yet the reason landlords are unpopular is because rents are so high. Fewer landlords, with fewer properties on the market, has meant even higher rents. If only there was an expert in economics who could have foreseen this. Lower rents would be achieved by an increase in the housing supply, including the private rented sector, with more landlords coming forward to compete for tenants.’

He ends that there could ‘be a sign that Labour is starting to confront the harsh realities of the housing market? Labour might not be learning to love landlords. But they just might have spotted the problem with “smashing” them, without providing an alternative.’

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