What energy policy?

The Government doesn’t seem to have a proper policy on energy.

Although last November they re-committed to reach net zero by 2050 (see announcement here), the Prime Minister had undermined that the previous month when he announced a relaxation of the government’s Net Zero initiatives.

Now two further problems have been uncovered.  The Guardian reported that Drax has received permission from the government to fit carbon capture technology to its wood-burning power plant, in a project that could cost bill-payers more than £40bn. The energy secretary, Claire Coutinho, on Tuesday approved the project to convert two of its biomass units to use the technology.

This is almost twice what the Labour party want to spend on insulating Britain’s homes – a far better long term use of money, investing in reducing energy use thus improving security

Also this week

Britain’s sprawling gas network is still reliant on a fleet of ageing aircraft engines, some stripped from 1960s RAF Lightning fighter jets, it has emerged. Jon Butterworth, chief executive of National Gas, said many of the engines that drive gas through the system date back decades, some to the Cold War, and now need millions of pounds spent on replacing them. – Telegraph

So much for an energy policy.

We will again write to the Government asking for their comments, but anticipate another bland reply.




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