Very small take-up of Government insulation scheme

The figures from the Department for Energy and Net Zero regarding the uptake of the Great British Housing Insulation Scheme indicate a significant gap between the number of households that have benefited from the scheme so far and the government’s target. Here’s a breakdown of the key points and eligibility criteria associated with the scheme:

**Current Uptake and Target:**

1. **Low Uptake**: Only 4,648 households have taken advantage of the scheme, which is less than 2% of the target of 300,000 households by March 2026.

**Benefits of Home Insulation:**

1. **Energy Efficiency**: Improving the energy efficiency of homes through insulation can lower heating costs and enhance overall comfort.

2. **Window Glazing**: Double or triple glazing is recommended for maximum energy efficiency, as it provides better insulation by trapping heat inside the home. Other options include installing heavy thermal curtains to further improve insulation.

3. **Additional Benefits**: Multi-glazed windows can reduce draughts, minimize outside noise, and decrease condensation, thus helping to prevent mould.

**Regional Uptake:**

1. **Leading Regions**: The North West of England, Yorkshire and The Humber, and North East of England have shown the most uptake of the scheme.

**Eligibility Criteria:**

1. **Property Ownership**: The scheme is open to property owners, including landlords, and tenants with permission from their landlords.

2. **Property Criteria**: Eligible properties typically have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of D to G and fall within certain council tax bands.

3. **Energy Efficiency Upgrades**: Properties must require energy-efficiency upgrades, such as cavity wall insulation, to qualify for the scheme.

**Scheme Details:**

1. **Administering Body**: The scheme is administered by the energy regulator Ofgem.

2. **One Insulation Measure per Home**: Each eligible home will receive one insulation measure determined through a retrofit assessment.

3. **Encouragement of Low-Income Applicants**: The scheme specifically targets low-income households receiving various benefits, including Child Benefit, Pension Guarantee Credit, and Universal Credit, among others.

By highlighting the benefits of home insulation and providing information on eligibility criteria and regional uptake, efforts can be made to increase awareness and encourage more households to take advantage of the Great British Housing Insulation Scheme, thereby improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

iHowz are of the opinion that this will continue until the Government reveals its full energy saving requirements for landlords.



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