UK flooded with dodgy boiler ‘upgrade’ pumps that make energy bills MORE expensive and don’t meet regulations

This is Money are reporting on a study they have done that shows ‘Hundreds of thousands of UK homes have had boiler ‘upgrades’ fitted which, instead of saving them money as promised, rack up energy bills by hundreds of pounds.

This is Money has learned that non-compliant parts which break energy efficiency regulations are being shipped in from China and sold to plumbers for use in people’s homes. What’s more, many are being fitted with taxpayers’ money.’

The article can be seen  here, and goes on to say ‘around 10 per cent of circulator pumps – 100,000 a year – do not meet UK regulations, according to industry experts.

This is a problem for homeowners because non-compliant pumps run non-stop and use huge amounts of energy. 

One of these pumps uses around the same energy as a fridge, adding up to £129 a year to energy bills, per pump, compared to ones that meet European regulations on energy efficiency.

These dubious pumps are sold under 20 brand names and are all made in the same three or four factories in China, according to the world’s largest pump manufacturer, Grundfos, which is now speaking out about the practice.’





Energy efficiency of UK homes

The House of Commons Library has released a briefing focusing on the United Kingdom's progress in enhancing energy...

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