Tory MPs are threatening to rebel against the government’s leasehold reform bill.

The debate over leasehold reform within the Conservative Party underscores the complexity of addressing longstanding issues within the housing market. Here are the key points highlighted in the article:

  1. Calls for Scrapping Leasehold System: Backbench Tory MPs, including former Housing Minister Robert Jenrick, are advocating for the complete abolition of the leasehold system. They argue that this system, which allows freeholders to charge ground rent without a cap, is outdated and unfair to leaseholders.
  2. Government’s Reform Efforts: Housing Secretary Michael Gove pledged to reform the “feudal leasehold system” by implementing a peppercorn ground rent system, where ground rent is minimal. However, these reforms were reportedly scaled back in the face of opposition from the Treasury, which is concerned about potential financial repercussions for investors in ground rent portfolios.
  3. Compromise in Leasehold Bill: The Leasehold Reform Bill is expected to propose capping annual charges for leaseholders at £250, rather than eliminating ground rents entirely as initially promised in the Conservative manifesto. This compromise reflects the challenges of balancing the interests of leaseholders with those of investors and stakeholders in the housing market.
  4. Pressure on Rishi Sunak: MPs, including Robert Jenrick, have called on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to prioritize leasehold reform and uphold Tory aspirations of creating a “property owning democracy.” There is a sense of urgency to address the financial strain faced by constituents due to leasehold costs and to fulfill promises made to voters.
  5. Support for Leaseholders: Campaign groups like Free Leaseholders are advocating for reform to support young homeowners and first-time buyers. They argue that the Conservative Party must prioritize the interests of ordinary citizens over those of rent-seekers and middlemen in the housing market.

In summary, the debate over leasehold reform within the Conservative Party reflects broader tensions between the interests of leaseholders and stakeholders in the housing market. Finding a balanced solution that addresses concerns from all sides is crucial for creating a fair and sustainable housing system.



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