The unintended consequences of losing the Section 21 notice

The Government has today (2/2/22) announced its long awaited Leveling Up paper.

It can be seen here, and among other matters states:-

Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions will be abolished

  • The government will announce a plan that for the first time ever, all homes in the Private Rented Sector will have to meet a minimum standard – the Decent Homes Standard. Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions will further be abolished, ending the unfair situation where renters can be kicked out of their homes for no reason. We will consult on introducing a landlords register, and will set out plans for a crackdown on rogue landlords – making sure fines and bans stop repeat offenders leaving renters in terrible conditions.
  • Home ownership will be boosted due to a new £1.5 billion Levelling Up Home Building Fund being launched, which will provide loans to SMEs and support the UK government’s wider regeneration agenda in areas that are a priority for levelling up.
  • The government will further commit to building more genuinely affordable social housing. A new Social Housing Regulation Bill will deliver upon the commitments the government made following the Grenfell tragedy in 2017.

See the Levelling Up paper here


Don’t forget our campaign to ensure MP’s are aware of the consequences of losing the Section 21.  See below

iHowz is very concerned about the potential unintended consequences of this

Ihowz  is very concerned that there will be unintended consequences of the proposed removal of the Section 21 notice in the Private Rental Sector (PRS) as part of the Renters Reform Bill, as mentioned in the Queens Speech, and have written to all MP’s to express these concerns.

We are worried that, If the Section 21 be abolished:

  • Many landlords will be unwilling to offer a tenancy unless the applicant has perfect references.
  • This will lead to further stress in the social housing when vulnerable tenants can no longer be housed in the PRS.
  • Reduced supply of rental properties will drive up rents and associated housing benefit costs
  • Social housing faces further stress in when vulnerable tenants can no longer be housed in the PRS.
  • More landlords will leave the PRS as they will have little control over the behaviour of their tenants, giving even more stress to social housing

We have just sent the attached summary paper to all MP’s, with the potential solution:

  • Introduce a sliding scale of notice dependent on length of tenancy
  • Consider financial compensation for ending longer tenancies using Section 21

Note, we also sent a detailed paper to Ministers, and those MP’s having property interests.

If you are also apprehensive about the impact on the industry of losing the Section 21 we urge you to write to your MP; both where you live and where your properties are.  You can find your MP here.  We have intentionally not included a template letter, as we feel it better if you express your concerns in your own words.  It doesn’t take many letters for an MP to take notice; and it doesn’t take many MP’s lobbying ministers for them to seriously consider these views.

We are so lucky we live in a democracy – act now, write to your MP today.





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