The Housing Ombudsman’s call for evidence on noise complaints

The Housing Ombudsman has launched a call for evidence to support their next systemic investigation which will look at noise complaints. The investigation will explore how social landlords manage reports of noise nuisance and what drives complaints about how those are handled. Noise complaints can have a particularly significant impact on residents causing deep frustration and stress, and it is an area that also presents difficult challenges for landlords.

The Housing Ombudsman determined a significant number of complaints relating to noise over the last three years – 848 in total and is calling for survey submissions from both member landlord and their residents on their experiences. The lines of enquiry for the investigation will include:

  • How do policies around noise work in practice?
  • How do landlords work with other agencies?
  • What is successful in mitigating for/dealing with inherent modern noise?
  • What is successful intervention?

The Ombudsman will also draw insight from fieldwork and their Resident Panel to provide recommendations and promote a greater understanding of the complexity of tackling noise complaints.

Further details including how to submit evidence can be found on their website.



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