The anticipated standards for the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

We have written to the Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwateng, with reference to the outcome of their consultation on MEES. The letter can be seen here.
Update – October 4th 2021.  We have received a reply which can be seen here.  You will see that it is a very disappointing response, actually telling us nothing, and certainly not allowing us to advise members of what EPC rating they need to achieve, and when.
We have written the Alok Sharma in his role as Chair of COP26 to ask how landlords are supposed to contribute to the cause of COP26 in view of a lightweight, meaningless answer to a straight forward question.
You can see the letter here.
We will keep you updated here
Update – April 2022.       As we still have no positive response from the Government we have written again to the Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwateng, the letter can be seen here.


Ealing Licensing

On Monday 16 August,  iHowz hosted a meeting for landlords who rent properties in the London Borough of Ealing to...


This morning Michael Gove, described Housing Policy as a Mosaic he announced several proposals already been announced in last 5 years.
iHowz join Gavin Smart CIH questioning whether offering buyers up to £70k to buy homes offers a solution to the current lack of affordable homes

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