Thanet Licensing

Thanet declares an end to Licensing

Thanet District Council were one of the first in the country to introduce a Selective Licensing Scheme to a large part of the borough.

The initial proposal can be seen here.

The Southern Landlords Association (SLA) (the pre-runner to iHowz – see our history here) felt the area and the proposed extent of the scheme were draconian, and tried to negotiate with the (then) Labour Council, but were rebuffed.

The SLA subsequently applied for permission to mount a Judicial Review (JR), and were allowed to go forward to a full JR in 2010.  After full consideration the Judge found for Thanet DC, and the scheme was implemented in April 2011.

However, we are pleased at two outcomes from this discussion with Thanet DC, firstly it lead to a regular meeting bewteen Thanet DC and landlords – only interrupted by Covid.  Secondly, although the scheme was renewed, it was not extended a third time as Thanet declared it had met it’s initial objectives.

iHowz applaud Thanet DC for not continuing with the scheme purely to top up the Councils coffers.

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