Tenants to be able to force landlords to improve the energy efficiency of homes – proposal

The Green Party wants legislation that would give tenants the powers to force an EPC upgrade on landlords, and that rent controls – already implemented in Scotland where Greens are in an alliance with the Scottish National Party – would prevent landlords passing loan repayments on to tenants.

The scheme, unveiled at its annual conference – part of a £145 billion investment plan proposed by the party – would allow tenants to insist landlords apply for grants or low-interest government-backed loans to improve the EPC rating of homes.

Carla Denyer, the party’s co-leader, says the scheme would help “make every house, flat and bedsit a proper home“.

Grants would be targeted at homeowners living in poverty, while other property owners would be able to take out property-linked loans, to be paid off “via savings from reduced energy bills“.

Denyer says: “Solutions to the climate crisis are the same as the solutions to the cost-of-living crisis. Every home should be properly insulated and free from damp and mould – we would give renters the legal right to demand this from their landlords.

The Greens reject the idea the policy might push landlords out of the housing market, arguing they would benefit from lower borrowing costs to boost the value of their homes through improvement works.



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