Tenants are seeking eco-friendly features

A survey conducted by NatWest and S&P Global highlights a significant demand among renters in the UK for landlords to improve the sustainability of rental properties. With 75 percent of renters expressing this desire, there’s a clear indication of the growing importance of sustainability in the housing sector.

According to the Greener Homes Attitudes tracker, around two-thirds of UK renters anticipate further increases in sustainability expectations over the next year. Among them, three-quarters are calling for landlords to undertake sustainable home improvements to offset these increases.

One notable finding from the survey is that rental properties typically lag behind owner-occupied homes in terms of insulation, including tanks, pipes, and cavity wall insulation. This suggests that there’s ample room for landlords to make improvements in this area to enhance energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

While there is a willingness among some homeowners to make sustainable upgrades, the survey also identifies barriers such as the cost of work and disruption. This underscores the importance of exploring solutions to overcome these barriers, such as incentives or financial assistance for homeowners looking to make eco-friendly improvements.

The survey also sheds light on the significant amount households are spending on monthly energy bills, with nearly a quarter paying between £100 and £149 per month. This highlights the potential for savings through energy-efficient upgrades and reinforces the importance of sustainability measures in reducing household expenses.

Additionally, the survey reflects a sense of urgency among respondents regarding government action on green energy transition, with over half feeling that progress is too slow. This underscores the need for accelerated efforts to support renewable energy initiatives and incentivize sustainable practices at both the individual and governmental levels.

Regionally, the data shows variations in plans for sustainable upgrades, with London leading in intentions for solar panel installations. This suggests that geographical factors and local policies may play a role in shaping sustainability initiatives and highlights the importance of tailored approaches to address regional needs and preferences.



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