Tenants and landlords called on to take part in energy efficiency discussions

Hastings based 1066 Citizens Advice is looking for landlords and tenants to take part in discussions to help inform government about what is needed to improve the uptake of energy efficiency measures in privately rented homes.

It is involved in a pilot project, funded by central government, which will test new approaches to increase the take-up of energy efficiency improvements in privately rented homes within Hastings and St Leonards, in order to secure positive outcomes for residents’ health and the environment.

Tracy Dighton, chief officer of Citizens Advice 1066 said: “With the cost-of-living crisis taking energy bills to the highest levels ever seen by households, this is the right time for tenants to share their experiences in asking their landlords to make improvements in energy efficiency measures

“Landlords too have the pressure of meeting the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and may wantto take the opportunity to help influence future government policy.”

The initial phase, running to the end of September, will look at the barriers and incentives to undertaking energy efficiency measures in privately rented households.

Citizens Advice 1066 will be facilitating discussions with local landlords and tenants, involving a representative from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Early in 2023 the project will begin the delivery phase, piloting the solutions toovercome these barriers in eligible households. If landlords or tenants in Castle, Gensing or Central St Leonards wards would like to take part in discussions please get in touch with Mike Pepler, project lead at Citizens Advice 1066, at events@citizensadvice1066.co.uk.

For detailed information about the Partnerships for People and Place project, please visit the website www.citizensadvice1066.co.uk/PeopleandPlace.

Citizens Advice 1066 provides advice over the telephone and face-to-face by appointment. If you need their help you can telephone a local call-back advice line on 01424 869352 and give your details and a brief description of your enquiry. They will get back to you.


iHowz comment – we have been requesting information from the Government for the past 12 months to get clarification on the requirements for energy saving.  To date no useful advice has been offered – see more here



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