Telegraph lambasts Renters Reform Bill

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Landlords face fight for survival under Michael Gove’s new rules

A cross-party housing select committee has warned the Government that it does not seem to fully appreciate the extent to which an unreformed courts system could undermine its tenancy reforms.

There are also fears county courts will not want to rule in favour of landlords, when the alternative would be making renters homeless and potentially adding to waiting lists for council housing. ‘


‘There’s absolutely no incentive to invest in property anymore’

This bill deprives me of any meaningful sense in which my property would remain mine’

No good landlord ever wants to evict good tenants and so those currently with good tenants will now likely sell once their current tenants decide to leave, rather than risk inviting a new untouchable rogue tenant into their property and making their lives a living hell. Gove’s two week ‘anti-social’ clause is pure fantasy and will never work’.

Landlords are to be squeezed further by rules that will make it impossible to take possession of their property’


Landlords’ bill threatens to hammer final nail in the buy-to-let coffin

‘Tory MPs fear a ‘serious housing crisis’ as Michael Gove prepares to unveil his renters’ reform bill amid fears it will force more landlords to sell up’.




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