Summary of the Renters Reform Bill

The Renters Reform Bill was originally introduced in Parliament in May 2023.

It was trailed in the Government White Paper A Fairer Private Rented Sector an in summary, initially proposed:

Loss of the S21
Only periodic tenancies
2 months’ notice by tenants
No special treatment for st...

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Starmer rejects rent control

Sir Keir Starmer is allegedly set to dismiss the London Mayor’s rent freeze proposal, instead focusing on tenant...

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  1. Frank Callaghan

    As a Student Landlord, the removal of the fixed term, which works very well, as it gives certainty to both Students and Landlords, will cause massive problems to my business. This could force me to sell up and get out of the letting business, which I have been in for almost 25 years.

  2. David Price

    Having taken away all means of collecting rent from reluctant tenants the government now thinks it is right to ban guarantors. In effect all this has achieved is to make benefit tenants too big a risk.

  3. Neil Weisfeld

    so making student lettings open risk – 6 months minimum term and no way to cover the voids – what does the Govt. think is going to happen to student rents? Everyone is going to increase them to cover potential early notice voids – so those tenants who choose to stay for the whole 12 month current term will end up paying 25-35% more p.a. and those who gove early notice will end up paying the same as they would have done for a 12 month period How is that in any way logical?

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