Stigma and Social Housing in England: new report

ARCH has reported on the publication of a new report – Stigma and Social Housing in England – by Mercy Denedo (Durham University) and Amanze Ejiogu (University of Leicester). The report finds that prior to 1970, “stigma attached to living in social housing was not widespread and usually stemmed from the construction and build quality of estates. Over time, a stigmatizing perception of social housing as cheap and subsidised housing also started to emerge. Post-1970s, there was an intensification, spread and normalization of stigma in English social housing. Politicians, politics and policies; news media and social housing providers (including the local councils) and a lack of a strong tenant voice at local and national levels drove this stigma”.

The report concludes that efforts to challenge social housing stigma suffer from structural and organisational issues like the lack of funding, political will and institutional support.

For the report, click here.



New How to Rent Guide issued

The new How to Rent Guide has been issued today (Monday October 2nd 2023).  It can be seen here. The latest update is...

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