Southwark – HMO Licensing Consultation Update

Southwark has been operating a borough wide Additional Licensing scheme together with a Selective Licensing scheme that covered part of the borough. Both schemes ended on 31 December 2020 however Southwark Council is currently consulting on plans to implement new Additional and Selective Licensing schemes in addition to a Mandatory HMO Licensing scheme which applies across England.

Will it apply to my property – and what does it mean for me?

The proposed new five-year Additional Licensing scheme would apply to all Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) that are not already licensable under the mandatory HMO licensing scheme. It would include smaller rental properties occupied by three or more unrelated people, forming two or more households who share amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom. The scheme would also include certain converted blocks of flats known as section 257 HMOs.

The proposed new five-year Selective Licensing scheme would comprise four separate designations that could be implemented in two phases. This scheme would apply to all private rented properties not already licensable under the Mandatory HMO or Additional Licensing schemes.

What should I do?

The council is asking for views from all interested parties. The consultation runs until Monday 28 June 2021. We would encourage you to:

  • Review the Consultation document which can be found online here – and respond via this survey.
  • If your property is Leasehold, check any clauses relating to HMO’s as this may affect your application.


Update on Oxford licensing

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