Selective licensing and the Renters Reform Bill

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) has voiced apprehension following a BBC report indicating that the government intends to launch a review of selective licensing with the stated objective of easing regulatory burdens on landlords. This development comes after Conservative backbenchers tabled an amendment to the Renters (Reform) Bill, seeking to eliminate local housing authorities’ ability to designate areas for selective licensing.

Selective licensing enables local authorities to conduct proactive inspections of privately rented housing, thereby eliminating the necessity for tenants to lodge complaints. CIEH emphasizes that selective licensing serves as a crucial tool for ensuring the safety and quality of rental accommodation.

The proposed review and the amendment to the Renters (Reform) Bill raise concerns about potential implications for tenant welfare and housing standards. CIEH underscores the importance of maintaining mechanisms such as selective licensing to uphold housing standards and protect the interests of tenants.

For more details of the CIEH’s concerns, click here. For an article in the Law Society Gazette about proposed amendments in the Lords, click here.



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