Section 21, yes or no?

Unfortunately, this Government is also getting a reputation for inconsistency, instance the U turn on the higher rate of tax.  Have we now seen this with the proposed abolition of the Section 21?  Earlier this week, the Times newspaper carried a brief article stating that the Section 21 abolition was likely to ‘be delayed’, as the Government ‘had more pressing issues’.  Two days later in Prime Minister Question Time (PMQ’s) a Labour MP asked the PM “can the Prime Minister reassure the UK’s 1 million private renters that she will carry out the commitment to get rid of no-fault evictions.”

In answer to his question, Truss answered: “I can”.

Although many experts believed the decision to go back on the Section 21 banning commitment was being considered in Whitehall, the howls of indication from the many campaign and lobby groups who have backed its development in recent years were strong enough to prevent such a U-turn happening.




Who is Angela Rayner?

Angela Rayner, a former trade union representative who grew up in social housing, has been named Secretary of State...

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