Rent to Rent landlord declared bankrupt

A young landlord associated as a Rent to Rent success story has been declared bankrupt, owing £1.5million.

Ben Brand charted his journey on social media which no doubt encouraged other people to sign up for expensive education or even “invest” with him:

Companies House statement of affairs says Ben Brand owes creditors circa £1.5million.

£450K is owed to his own sourcing company StayBC Sourcing but still £1m+ owed to HMRC, and over 120 investors & small businesses.

It looks like he had also started to set up his own marketing funnel and training business by creating a Facebook group about Rent to Rent:

The SA Club training company was set up just a year after Ben Brand was trained himself which suggests he quickly saw that training other people was more profitable than the property investment activity he was undertaking.

This is a very similar story to the original poster boy of Rent to Rent, Daniel Burton, who went bust shortly after boasting about the success of his rent to rent business.

The Icarus Syndrome (Daniel Burton and Unida Place)


Property Tribes have been advised that Ben Brand is still taking money from investors via the company StayBCDeveloped.

They have also been informed that he has ,earlier this month, renamed StayBC Sourcing Ltd to Oaktree Investing Ltd to distance himself from the carnage of the liquidated company.



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