Record number of landlords raising their rents

The Telegraph have run an article on the number of rent rises.

It can be seen here (subscription might be required) stating ‘Record number of landlords have raised their rents this year with more than half of investors cashing in on fever-pitch demand from tenants.

The share of landlords who raise...

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1 Comment

  1. Paul Feeney

    The last two rooms I let in HMOs were to
    1. Polish worker who had been in a hotel for 4 weeks looking for a flat/room.
    2 Zimbabwean care worker who had been in a hotel for 6 months looking for accommodation.

    If the abolition of Section 21 goes ahead there will be even fewer private rentals on the market and even greater rent rises. We are running headlong to crisis point I think and I have raised all my rents (20+) last week. Normally I don’t raise rents but some tenants have been in properties for 10+ years so I need to adjust with the times. In London the rate seems to be £900 pm per room!!!
    The government haven’t a clue what they are doing and every piece of legislation seems to take more stock out of the market. The less legislation, the freer the market, the more competition there is. Whatever happened to the free market economy?? Rent controls next which will obliterate it completely I guess.

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