National Housing Federation responses to main party manifestos

Outlined here are responses to each election manifesto from Kate Henderson, Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation.

“With a record number of children in temporary accommodation and one in five being raised in overcrowding, the housing crisis in this country has reached breaking point. We are encouraged to see a manifesto from the Labour party today that recognises the scale of the challenge we face, demonstrates a clear commitment to solving this crisis for good, and understands the role social housing can play in kickstarting economic growth.

“Building social homes at scale will change lives, strengthen communities, boost growth, and save the taxpayer money. Housing associations stand ready to deliver this, but will require long-term commitment and sustained investment from the next government to do so. We’re therefore delighted to see Labour’s manifesto pledge to support councils and housing associations to build their capacity to ensure more social homes can be built. This is a vital first step towards ending the housing crisis.

“The NHF has long been calling for planning reform to ensure we have the homes and infrastructure we need in this country. We welcome today’s manifesto announcements of the reintroduction of housing targets and a cross boundary approach. It is also encouraging to see that the Labour Party acknowledge that building on brownfield alone will not be enough to solve this crisis and that a more nuanced approach is required in order to deliver homes for communities across the country.

“We know we will only be able to solve this crisis with a strategic, long term plan for housing that is nationally coordinated with measurable outcomes and goals. Today’s manifesto makes clear that the Labour party share this belief in a long term approach, that looks holistically at the crisis and prioritises building more social housing, solving homelessness and overcrowding, providing warm homes, ensuring growth and improving affordability in its solutions.”

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“With one in five children live in overcrowded homes and more homeless children living in temporary accommodation than ever before, the scale of the housing crisis we face should not be underestimated.

“It is encouraging to see the commitment to renew the Affordable Homes Programme and the recognition of the importance of grant funding for affordable homes in the manifesto. We also welcome the Conservative’s ambition to build 1.6 million homes during the next parliament. We know, however, that with 4.2 million people in need of a social home in England, a more focused commitment to social housing, the most affordable and secure tenure for those on low incomes, is needed. Building these homes will not only transform lives but will save the tax payer money, boost the economy and strengthen communities.

“Ensuring we have the homes we need will require long term, strategic thinking from government. That is why, ahead of the election, we are calling on all parties for a nationally co-ordinated and fully funded long-term plan for housing that focusses on dramatically increasing the number of social homes built each year.”

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Liberal Democrats
“We welcome the Liberal Democrats’ pledge to deliver 150,000 social homes a year. This is a commitment which recognises the scale of the housing crisis and the central role an ambitious programme of social housebuilding must play in any government response. With 4.2 million people in the UK in need of a social home these homes would transform lives as well as saving the taxpayer money, boosting jobs and bringing huge benefits to the wider economy.

“However, making these plans a reality will require long term and significant support from government, as well as collaboration with a social housing sector that is operating in a difficult environment. The scale of the challenge must not be underestimated.

“Ahead of the next election, we are calling on all parties to grasp the urgent need for a nationally co-ordinated and fully funded long-term plan for housing.”

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