MPs call for tax relief for EPC upgrades.

Conservative MPs from the Conservative Environment Network (CEN) are urging the government to provide tax relief to private landlords who enhance their rental properties’ energy efficiency. Here’s a summary of their key points:

  1. Reducing Energy Bills and Gas Reliance: MPs argue that offering tax relief to landlords for improving energy efficiency will not only lower energy bills for tenants but also decrease the UK’s dependence on imported gas. This aligns with broader environmental goals and energy security objectives.
  2. Challenges with Other Strategies: The effectiveness of other strategies, such as subsidised home insulation schemes, is questioned, with predictions that they may take years to yield significant results. In contrast, incentivising landlords to upgrade rental properties could lead to more immediate improvements in energy efficiency.
  3. Call for Government Action: Former Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green emphasizes that improving energy efficiency is essential for long-term bill reduction and emissions reduction. He suggests that the government should offer tax incentives to landlords, enabling them to claim the costs of energy efficiency improvements as tax-deductible expenses.
  4. Vote Winner and Incentives: CEN’s climate programme manager, Sam Payne, highlights the potential popularity of such measures among Conservative voters and the wider public. He stresses the importance of providing appropriate incentives, such as tax cuts, to make energy efficiency upgrades financially viable for landlords.
  5. Benefits for Tenants and Landlords: Making energy efficiency upgrades tax-deductible for landlords is seen as a straightforward way to encourage improvements in the private rented sector. This would not only benefit tenants through lower bills but also landlords by potentially increasing the value of their properties.

Overall, the proposal aims to address both environmental concerns and economic interests by incentivising landlords to invest in energy efficiency upgrades, thereby promoting sustainability and cost savings in the rental sector.



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