Mortgage possession claims in England and Wales increase by 39 per cent

The Ministry of Justice recently released quarterly national statistics on possession claim actions in county courts by mortgage lenders and social and private landlords, covering the period from October to December 2023. The data indicates a continued trend of growth in mortgage possession actions throughout 2023 compared to the same quarter in 2022:

  • Mortgage possession claims increased from 3,163 to 4,384 (a 39% increase)
  • Orders rose from 2,482 to 2,702 (a 9% increase)
  • Warrants increased from 2,131 to 2,201 (a 3% increase)
  • Repossessions by county court bailiffs decreased from 735 to 593 (a 19% decrease)

However, despite the increase in possession claims, the median average time from claim to mortgage repossession decreased to 50.5 weeks, down from 63.7 weeks in the same period in 2022.

These statistics suggest a complex landscape in the housing market, with mortgage possession actions on the rise but a decrease in the time it takes for repossession to occur. It’s important to analyze these trends in conjunction with broader economic and social factors to understand their implications fully.

For further details and access to the statistics, you can refer to the Ministry of Justice’s official publication.



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