Many landlords undecided who to vote for

Overview of Landlord Sentiment Ahead of the General Election

**Survey Findings by Landbay:**
– **Undecided Voters**: 41% of landlords are uncertain about which party to support in the upcoming general election.
– **Party Preferences**:
– 31% plan to vote Conservative.
– 12% favor Labour.
– 5% lean towards the Liberal Democrats.
– 1% support other parties.
– **Concerns About Change**: 48% of landlords are worried about the potential impact of a change in government.

Landlord Concerns and Sentiments

**General Worries**:
– Many landlords feel that both major political parties have policies that are unfavorable towards them.
– The sentiment that Labour is “anti-landlord” is prevalent, with concerns that a new government may introduce too many uncertainties.

**Tax and Regulatory Changes**:
– Over the past decade, landlords have faced increased taxation and regulation:
– The removal of mortgage interest deductions began in 2017 as part of the changes introduced by former Chancellor George Osborne in 2015.
– The most recent regulatory change was the abolition of furnished holiday lettings relief by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in the March Spring Budget, aimed at saving the government £245 million annually.

 Landlord Perspectives

– **Anti-Landlord Perception**: One landlord expressed that both the Conservative and Labour parties have been punitive towards landlords, with recent Conservative policies also being perceived as too harsh.
– **Scapegoating**: Another landlord criticized the general political climate for making landlords scapegoats amid a shortage of affordable housing, citing increased taxes and compliance burdens.

Call for Clarity from Labour

**John Goodall, CEO of Landbay**:
– Emphasized the need for further reassurance from Labour regarding their housing policies.
– Stressed the importance of a robust private rental sector to support housing needs in the UK.
– Urged Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer to clarify how his party plans to address housing issues and recognize the critical role of landlords.


As the general election approaches, landlords are grappling with uncertainty and concerns about future government policies. While a significant portion remains undecided on which party to support, the general sentiment reflects apprehension towards both major parties’ historical and proposed treatment of the private rental sector. Clearer policy positions from Labour, especially regarding their stance on housing and landlord regulations, are essential to alleviate these concerns and ensure a balanced and supportive environment for landlords and tenants alike.



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