London Mayor Sadiq Khan pledges to build 6,000 affordable homes and to implement rent controls

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has made significant pledges to address the housing crisis by building 6,000 affordable homes with rents tied to the earnings of key workers. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Khan’s Commitment: Sadiq Khan, during the launch of his third mayoral bid, positions himself as the “renter’s champion” and pledges to build 6,000 affordable homes by 2030. These homes will have rents capped at one-third of the average wage of key workers.
  2. Funding and Implementation: The article mentions that local councils and housing associations will be responsible for building these homes and identifying suitable land for development. However, there’s no indication of the cost of this house-building program.
  3. Criticism from Conservative Candidate: The Conservative mayoral candidate criticizes Khan’s plans, arguing that rent controls have historically been ineffective. She questions why Khan is only announcing these plans now if he had the power to implement them earlier.
  4. Khan’s Response: Khan defends his plan, emphasizing the need for action to address the housing crisis. He expresses his frustration at the government’s refusal to grant him the power to freeze rents in the capital.
  5. Collaboration and Future Plans: Khan expresses his desire to collaborate with a future Labour government to introduce more comprehensive property licensing reforms. These reforms would empower councils to support renters in reclaiming up to two years of rent from landlords who violate the rules.
  6. Policy Differences: The article notes that rent controls are not currently a national Labour Party policy, highlighting potential differences in approaches within the party.
  7. Political Context: The announcement comes amidst the local elections campaign, with the Green Party also pushing for more affordable homes and advocating for measures such as increased funding for councils to build homes, an end to Right to Buy, and the introduction of rent controls in overheated rental markets.

Overall, the article presents a snapshot of the housing crisis in London and the differing approaches of political candidates in addressing it, with Khan’s pledge to build affordable homes and introduce rent controls



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