London Mayor reveals plan to solve London’s housing crisis.

Sadiq Khan has launched a two point plan to help alleviate the current housing crisis in London, with more than 170,000 Londoners currently living in insecure temporary accommodation.

  1. he aims to build an additional 10,000 council homes in the capital in the next decade, and
  2. all local authorities in London will be able to purchase a wide range of homes from the private market, including former council homes lost to Right to Buy.

The Mayor said: “I’ve put council housing at the heart of my plan to boost homebuilding in the capital, and I’m proud that we’re now building more council homes in London than at any time since the 1970s – and more than the rest of the country combined.

“My new Council Homes Acquisition Programme (CHAP) will allow boroughs to move at pace to increase the number of council homes in our city, offering a lifeline for thousands of Londoners who are facing high housing costs, as the first part of my ambitious goal for councils to buy 10,000 homes over the next decade.

The Mayor says all homes funded through CHAP must comply with the Decent Homes Standard and meet strict building safety standards.

Homes will also need to be within boroughs’ boundaries to ensure residents can stay rooted in their local communities.



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