Latest Zoopla House Price Index

The latest data from Zoopla outlines positive trends in the UK housing market.  Here’s a summary:

  1. Increased Buyer Demand: Buyer demand in the UK has risen by 12%, contributing to a resurgence in the housing market. This demand is spread across all regions and countries in the UK.
  2. Sales Agreements Up 13% YoY: The volume of sales agreed has seen a year-on-year increase of 13%, indicating a robust market performance nationwide.
  3. London Leading Rebound: London has particularly led the rebound in new buyer demand. Housing affordability in the capital is reported to be the best since 2016.
  4. Higher Supply of Homes for Sale: The supply of homes for sale has increased by 22% compared to the previous year. This uptick is seen as a sign of renewed confidence among sellers, providing more options for potential buyers.
  5. Buyer’s Market: Despite the increased activity, the market remains favorable for buyers. About a fifth of sellers are reported to be accepting offers more than 10% below the asking price to secure a sale.
  6. Factors Influencing Market Dynamics:
    • Falling mortgage rates are identified as a key driver of buyer demand.
    • A buyer-friendly market is expected to persist, with sellers needing to be realistic about asking prices to attract potential buyers.
    • Economic stability is contributing to positive market sentiment.
  7. Predictions for 2024:
    • The overall sentiment is optimistic for the year, with expectations of a seasonal spring bounce in the housing market.
    • The anticipation is for a 3% growth in UK property prices in 2024, although there is a recognition of potential risks tied to political volatility.
  8. Affordable Mortgage Deals Fueling Demand: The availability of more affordable mortgage deals is considered a significant factor contributing to increased buyer activity.
  9. Sellers’ Realistic Pricing: Sellers are advised to be realistic with their asking prices, reflecting the continued price sensitivity in the housing market.
  10. Positive Outlook for Transactions: As borrowing costs gradually decrease, there is confidence in an uptick in transactions in the coming quarter.
  11. Impact of Economic Factors: The housing market in 2023 faced challenges related to soaring mortgage rates, the cost-of-living crisis, and economic uncertainty. However, buyer confidence is rebounding with a reduction in borrowing costs.
  12. Expectation of Stable Asking Prices: Increased buyer activity, fueled by lower mortgage rates, is anticipated to keep asking prices relatively stable in the initial part of 2024.
  13. Potential for House Price Inflation: Stable interest rates and sustained buyer interest may lead to an increase in house price inflation, especially during the Spring and Summer months.

In summary, the data and industry reactions suggest a positive trajectory for the UK housing market in 2024, marked by increased buyer demand, higher supply, and a buyer-friendly environment.



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