Landlords reconciled to the possibility of a Labour government

A recent survey of over 1,000 landlords reveals that a significant majority have become reconciled to the possibility of a Labour government, after experiencing 14 years of tax and regulatory changes under the Conservative administration. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the survey findings:

Current Portfolio Management

  • Maintaining Portfolio Size: 82% of landlords have maintained the size of their buy-to-let portfolio under the Conservative government.
  • Reducing Portfolio Size: 10% have reduced the size of their portfolio.
  • Expanding Portfolio Size: Only 6% have added to their portfolio.

Future Plans Under a Potential Labour Government

  • Maintaining Portfolio Size: 78% of landlords plan to maintain their current portfolio size if Labour wins the general election.
  • Reducing Portfolio Size: 19% would reduce their portfolio size under a Labour government, which is double the proportion that did so under the Conservatives.

Least Favored Labour Policies

  1. Ending Automatic Evictions for Rent Arrears: The policy landlords are least in favor of.
  2. Rights for Renters to Have Pets: The second least favorable policy.
  3. Mandatory EPC Upgrades: Ranking third in least favorability.
  4. Abolition of Section 21 Notices: Surprisingly, this ranks fourth.
  5. Four Month Notice Periods: This also features in the top five least favorable policies.

Landlord Sentiments

A spokesperson for Zero Deposit, the company that commissioned the survey, noted that the upcoming election has stalled the implementation of significant rental sector changes. The spokesperson expressed doubt that either party would bring substantial improvements to the sector, reflecting the general lack of confidence among landlords in the political landscape’s ability to drive positive change.

Survey Details

  • Conducted by: Zero Deposit, using a PR firm.
  • Date: June 5.
  • Sample Size: 1,095 landlords.

This survey highlights the cautious stance of landlords amidst political uncertainties and proposed rental reforms, underscoring their strategic decisions to adapt to potential changes in government policy.



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