Landlords get lower CGT but may have higher exit costs

Landlord Knowledge has published an article pointing that lower Capital Gains Tax might be offset by high exit fees.

The article can be seen here, and discusses the implications of a reduction in capital gains tax for landlords in the UK, starting from April 6, 2024. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Reduction in Capital Gains Tax:
    • From April 6, 2024, there will be a reduction in the capital gains tax rate for landlords, decreasing from 28% to 24%.
    • This reduction could potentially save the average landlord £4,468 per property.
    • Despite the reduction, the exit cost for landlords is still significant, estimated at £26,806 per property.
  2. Decade of Growth and Tax Implications:
    • Over the past decade, the average property value in the UK has increased by 65%, amounting to an average increase of £111,693.
    • At the current capital gains tax rate of 28%, landlords would face an average tax bill of £31,274 per property.
    • With the impending tax rate adjustment to 24%, the average tax bill per property decreases to £26,806.
  3. Regional Disparities:
    • The impact of the tax adjustment varies across different regions of the UK.
    • London landlords are expected to benefit the most, with potential savings of £7,634 per property, but still facing a substantial tax bill of £45,806.
    • Regions like the South East and the East of England will also see considerable savings, while in the North East, where property appreciation has been lower, savings will be more modest at £1,658.
  4. Industry Perspectives:
    • Sam Reynolds, CEO of Zero Deposit, views the capital gains tax cut as a welcome surprise for landlords but criticizes the government’s broader strategy towards the buy-to-let sector.
    • Reynolds believes that successive legislative changes aimed at reducing profitability, combined with the more appealing exit route due to the tax cut, contradict efforts to encourage long-term investment in rental properties.
    • Despite the tax reduction, landlords still face significant government levies on their investments, highlighting ongoing challenges within the property market.

Overall, the passage provides insights into the impact of changes in capital gains tax on landlords across different regions of the UK and offers perspectives from industry professionals on the implications of these changes.




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  1. Maurice Smith

    Two years ago the CGT tax allowance was £12000 per person, starting next month the CGT tax allowance will be £3000 per person.

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