Landlord fears ‘prison sentence’ over council’s selective licensing application process

Property118 has interviewed Mick Roberts, a prominent landlord in Nottingham, who has voiced frustration with Nottingham City Council’s online selective licensing system, describing it as a “complete waste of money” and expressing concern about potential legal repercussions for non-compliance.

Roberts, who houses many benefit tenants, reports persistent issues with the online application process, stating that the website is frequently down when attempting to apply for licenses. Despite having 19 properties covered by selective licensing, he has only been successful in obtaining one license due to the ongoing technical difficulties.

He criticizes the inefficiency of the system, noting that landlords are required to complete repetitive tasks for each property individually, instead of being able to submit applications for multiple properties simultaneously. Roberts emphasizes that the current process is cumbersome and time-consuming, adding unnecessary administrative burden to landlords.

Moreover, Roberts raises concerns about the prioritization of licensing over other pressing matters, such as ensuring tenants receive their Universal Credit payments. He underscores the urgency for Nottingham City Council to address the flaws in the selective licensing system and implement a more streamlined and user-friendly process.

The situation in Nottingham is compounded by existing homelessness issues, with selective licensing being cited as a contributing factor. With thousands of individuals, including a significant number of children, facing homelessness, there is heightened urgency for effective housing policies and streamlined administrative processes to ensure landlords can comply with regulations while providing stable housing for tenants.



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