Landlord Accreditation


The iHow Accreditation Scheme


The scheme provides appropriate training for landlords and agents to ensure they are cognisant of the major rules and regulations applying to letting property in England – note that the other parts of the UK have different rules and regulations.

Frequently, Local Authorities will want landlords to be accredited, especially when applying for Licensing, often giving discounts to Accredited Landlords for their Licensing fees.

Landlords, and agents will become Accredited by attending a 1 day Foundation Course, and passing a short test at the end.  Accredited landlords and agents will then be expected to maintain their accreditation by means of CPD (Continual Professional Development).

Remember, ignorance is not a defence in the eyes of the law; and the landlord is always ultimately responsible.

The cost

This course is offered to members at £65, and £125 for non-members – this includes the first years iHowz membership and accreditation training at a discounted rate. 

  Email us at to register an interest, or even better, click here to book a course

More details

The scheme exists to provide:-

1  appropriate training to landlords and agents to ensure they:-

    • attain a minimum standard of knowledge expected for landlords to be able to let acceptable properties;
    • understand the standards required for all properties;
    • be aware of how, and where to obtain help and advice;

2 advanced training in specialist subjects to allow landlords and agents to:-

    • ensure standards are maintained;
    • increase their knowledge;
    • participate in area’s specialist knowledge appertaining to the area of operation;
    • a code of conduct that all accredited landlords and agents are expected to adhere to.

Furthermore, all landlord and agents are expected to declare themselves as a fit and proper person, as described.

The scheme functions:-

1  Foundation Course

    • all acceptable landlord and agents complete an initial one day foundation course;
    • at the end of which they will complete an assessment to ensure they have understood, and retained the contents of the course;
    • upon passing the course all applicants will become accredited and be awarded a certificate of competence;

2  Maintenance of accreditation:-

    • All accredited landlords must maintain their accreditation by proving they have kept their knowledge up to date on an annual basis with Continual Professional Development (CPD);
    • the minimum accepted must the proof of at least two of the following per annum:-
        • attending an iHowz CPD course
        • any accepted CPD courses
        • attending local authority landlord and tenant/property functions;
        • attending trade and local authority shows or seminars relating to property rental
        • attending events facilitated by any landlord association
        • the publishing of a related magazine, or newspaper article; whether on-line or printed media
        • acceptable professional qualifications
    • membership of a recognised professional body;
    • membership of a landlord association.

3  It is incumbent on the accredited landlord and agents to inform iHowz of:-

    • changes to their status as a Fit and Proper Person – must be informed immediately;
    • CPD improvement;
    • Changes to their status/situation, such as change of address.
    Associated documents

    Code of Conduct

    Fit and Proper Person

    Complaints Procedure



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