Lack of Optimism with voters

With the General Election just one week away, a new poll highlights the top priorities for landlords regarding voting and politics.

Landlord Voting Decisions and Sentiments

  • Decisive Voters: Almost two-thirds (62%) of landlords have decided who they’re voting for, while one-third (31%) remain undecided.
  • Lack of Optimism: Even among decisive voters, there’s a notable lack of optimism:
    • 30% believe none of the parties have the best approach to housing policy.
    • 27% are unsure which party has the best approach.
    • Only 20% support the Conservative housing policy.
    • 10% favor Labour’s housing policy.
    • 9% support Reform’s housing policy.
    • 7% of landlords indicated they would not be voting in this election.

Key Issues Influencing Landlord Votes

  • Private Renting Policies: 84% of landlords are influenced by policies in the private renting sector.
  • Tax Relief: 83% would be inclined to vote for a party that reinstated tax relief for landlords.
  • Broader Issues: The NHS (70%) and the Cost of Living Crisis (64%) are more critical issues for landlords than the housing crisis (61%).

Landlord Priority Actions for the New Government

  1. Reinstate Tax Reliefs for Private Landlords: Supported by 73% of landlords.
  2. Remove 3% Stamp Duty for Second Homes if Rented: Supported by 65% of landlords.
  3. Retain Section 21: Supported by 63% of landlords.

Renter Preferences

A separate poll by SpareRoom revealed renter priorities in a flatmate:

  • Political Views: Only 9% of renters consider similar political views important, placing it fourteenth on their list of priorities.
  • Social Preferences: Having a similar attitude towards house parties is crucial for 57%.
  • Cleanliness Standards: 78% prioritize similar standards of cleanliness.

Analysis and Commentary

A spokesperson from SpareRoom commented on the survey results, noting a discrepancy between landlords knowing who they will vote for and believing in the housing policies of that party. They emphasized the importance of the General Election as an opportunity for both landlords and renters to push for change.

The surveys were conducted among 768 live-out landlords and 3,234 renters, providing a comprehensive snapshot of the current sentiments and priorities within the rental market



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