Labour’s Commitment to Immediate Reforms in the Housing Sector

Angela Rayner Promises Immediate End to Section 21 Evictions and Major Increase in Social Housing Construction

Angela Rayner has pledged that a Labour government will take swift action to end Section 21 no-fault evictions, aiming to rectify the housing crisis exacerbated under the current administration. On the general election campaign trail in Darlington, Ms. Rayner criticized the Conservative government’s failure to pass the Renters (Reform) Bill, which was intended to provide essential protections for renters.

Ending No-Fault Evictions

Ms. Rayner emphasized the urgency of addressing the issue of no-fault evictions. “The Tories have completely failed a generation of renters and people who need a home,” she asserted. “Homelessness has increased under the Tories. Labour will immediately end no-fault evictions, a promise that the Tories have not fulfilled.”

Commitment to Building More Social Homes

Labour’s housing policy includes an ambitious plan to construct 1.5 million homes, with a significant portion designated as social housing. Ms. Rayner highlighted the importance of ensuring that new developments are accompanied by necessary infrastructure and social housing through effective use of Section 106 agreements.

We’ll build 1.5 million homes, including social homes, to meet the future needs of our communities,” Ms. Rayner stated. “We will ensure developers fulfill their obligations to provide infrastructure and social housing as part of their projects.”

Addressing the Housing Emergency

Labour says its comprehensive housing strategy aims to tackle the long-standing issues faced by renters and those in need of affordable housing. By ending no-fault evictions and significantly increasing the supply of social housing, Labour seeks to provide stability and security for renters, reduce homelessness, and ensure access to safe and affordable homes for all.




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