Labour will deliver rental reform and abolish Section 21

Labour’s Angela Raynor, speaking at the Party’s conference in Liverpool  told delegates: “We will provide stability and certainty for the affordable and social housing market so there is confidence to invest.

“Affordable, social and council houses aren’t just a nice add on.

“Labour will achieve rental reform where the Tories have failed for four and a half years.”

She added: “Finishing the job by banning ‘no fault’ evictions.”

The full speech can be seen here.

Ms Raynor said: “Rents skyrocketing. Mortgages soaring. The Prime Minister’s speech didn’t even mention ‘housing’ once.

“No doubt that’s because his housing policy is the same as his new smoking policy – increase the price year on year, so eventually no one can buy!”

She continued: “But Conference, good wages and protections aren’t enough if every penny goes simply on keeping a roof over your head, if you live in damp, cramped housing – or have no home at all.

“Safe, secure, affordable housing is no longer the foundation on which people can rely.

“Too many people are stuck paying unaffordable private rents. Or living the nightmare of a home wrapped in flammable cladding.”

Labour will also reform the leasehold system and Ms Raynor said that the Conservatives had ‘sold or demolished’ more than double the number of social homes than have been delivered.

She said: “Families who need a council house are often stuck in cramped temporary accommodation or at the mercy of private landlords.

“That’s why we will get social homes built, brick by brick.

Labour will also give first-time buyers ‘first dibs’ on new developments and introduce a comprehensive mortgage guarantee scheme for those who can’t rely on the ‘bank of mum and dad’.




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