Labour Party’s Plans for Stamp Duty Exemption for First-Time Buyers

The Labour Party has announced that it will reduce the Stamp Duty exemption threshold for first-time buyers from £425,000 to £300,000 if it wins the upcoming General Election. This change reverses a policy introduced by the Conservative Government in 2022, which had planned to maintain the higher threshold until April 2025.

Impact on First-Time Buyers

The reduction in the exemption threshold is expected to significantly affect the options available to first-time buyers:

  • Current Threshold (£425,000): Allows for a Stamp Duty-free purchase on 51,781 properties.
  • Proposed Threshold (£300,000): Reduces the number of Stamp Duty-free properties to 26,215, effectively halving the options.

Clarifications and Miscommunications

During a radio phone-in, Labour leader Keir Starmer incorrectly stated that Labour would eliminate the tax-free withdrawal of 25% of pensions for retirees. This was clarified by a spokesperson who confirmed that the tax-free lump sum withdrawal is a permanent feature and will not be changed by Labour. The spokesperson reiterated that Starmer was referring to temporary tax breaks, such as the increased Stamp Duty threshold for first-time buyers, which Labour plans to revert to the previous level of £300,000.

Labour’s Position and the Political Context

  • Labour’s Stance: The Labour Party is committed to reverting the Stamp Duty exemption threshold to £300,000, aligning with its broader economic strategies and fiscal policies.
  • Polls and Predictions: Labour is currently leading in the polls and is expected to form the next Government. This makes the proposed changes to Stamp Duty a likely reality if they win the General Election.


Labour’s proposal to reduce the Stamp Duty exemption for first-time buyers aims to modify the housing market dynamics, impacting affordability and availability of properties within the exemption range. The change is part of Labour’s broader policy framework and reflects its approach to addressing housing affordability and economic equity



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