Labour licensing scheme will take 150 years to process!

It’s claimed that Liverpool’s Labour council would take almost 150 years to process applications for its landlord licensing scheme.The council has hailed the importance of the scheme in addressing sub-standard housing across the city. But presenting figures to the Liverpool Landlord Forum, council representatives have said that since the Selective Licensing Scheme went live in April, it has only granted 104 licences. This is despite an estimated 31,000 applications having been made.

At its current rate, it would take the local authority 148 years to process all applications received so far.

Liverpool’s licensing scheme has been in the spotlight before, and again for the wrong reasons.

In January 2020 the then-Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick rejected the council’s bid to get a five year extension to its previous scheme, provoking widespread criticism from the Labour party in the city.

At the time the council claimed that 70 per cent of inspected properties in Liverpool had been found to be in breach of their licence condition since the original landlord licensing scheme was launched in 2015 “uncovering serious hazards such as fire risks, poor electrics and excess cold.”

Eventually a compromise was reached and a new licensing scheme introduced last April. It covers 45,000 homes but is still much smaller than the local authority initially wanted.



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