Labour-commissioned review of rental market set for release soon

A news article published in Labourlist, provides insights into Labour’s ongoing efforts to reform the private rental market, particularly through the commissioning of a review led by Stephen Cowan, a prominent Labour figure. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  1. Review Commissioned by Lisa Nandy: Former Shadow Levelling Up and Housing Secretary Lisa Nandy initiated the review in early 2023, aiming to advance plans for a new renters’ charter. The review was entrusted to Stephen Cowan, leader of Hammersmith and Fulham council.
  2. Completion of Draft Review: The draft review has been completed, indicating progress in Labour’s efforts to assess and potentially reform the private rental market. Sources suggest that the review contains independent insights and may propose bold reforms.
  3. Labour’s Response and Potential Reforms: Labour is anticipated to scrutinize the review closely upon its publication. Depending on the fate of the government’s renters’ reform bill, Labour may consider further proposals, although it is less likely to present them as a charter due to potential overlap with existing legislation.
  4. Shift in Language and Ambition: There has been a recent shift in the language surrounding renters’ reforms, with the term “renters’ charter” seemingly less prevalent in parliamentary discussions. Some are concerned about a possible scaling back of Labour’s ambition and urge the party to fully engage with the report.
  5. Labour’s Prior Pledges: Labour has already made several pledges to improve renting conditions, including banning no-fault evictions, extending certain laws to the private rented sector, and addressing rent bidding wars. The party has also sought amendments to the government’s bill.
  6. Sadiq Khan’s Proposals: London mayor Sadiq Khan has pledged to build thousands of new “rent control homes” in London if re-elected. He also promises to champion renters’ rights and collaborate with a Labour government to implement a “new deal for renters” in the capital.
  7. Concerns and Expectations: Despite earlier interest from Labour figures like Nandy in rent controls, it is not expected that Cowan’s report will recommend them. This suggests a nuanced approach to addressing issues in the private rental market.

Overall, the article highlights Labour’s ongoing commitment to improving conditions for renters and the complexities involved in devising effective reforms in the face of existing legislation and political dynamics.



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