Kent MP calls for rent freeze

Natalie Elphicke Conservative MP for Dover has called for a rent freeze in a right-wing blog – ConservativeHome

Ms Elphicke took over from her husband Charlie Elphicke in 2019 and has some right-wing views on matters, especially immigration – Dover is in the front line after all.

The blog can be seen here and outlines the possibility of inflation hitting 18%.  She is of the opinion that there is ‘no justification for the excessive rent hikes in recent times. Rents don’t reflect the costs of being a landlord. Rent levels are simply opportunistic and a result of lack of effective policy oversight in that market for far too many years.’

She goes on to say ‘The Government should act decisively in working with regulators and finance providers to ensure that there is a range of suitable products for pensioners to weather the immediate challenge, including possible Help To Buy-style guarantees and other interventions to ensure continued availability of finance and fairer pricing, should that be needed.

Protection for leaseholders against forfeiture should also be considered, particularly where heating costs are included in the service charge or ground rent arrangements. It is vital to protect all types of households from surging energy prices in the coming winter months

Note that the Minister has already ruled out rent control – /minister-rules-out-rent-controls-in-england/



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