Is this the tenant from hell?

A landlord was horrified to find his property piled high with mountains of rotting rubbish and faeces.

Danny Hernon was perturbed when his tenant of 18 years seemed reluctant to hand back their keys to his terraced house despite moving out more than one month ago.

But the 54-year-old got a nasty surprise when he discovered the real reason why after walking through the door of the three bedroomed home on Thursday, December 9.

Danny found rubbish piled high in every room of the property, in Oldham, Greater Manchester, including bin bags, junk and rotting food.

There was that much waste inside the house Danny said he had to dig his way back out to get to the back door.

Shocking photos and video footage show mountains of rotting rubbish piled waist-high in some areas, while mounds of used toilet paper and what appears to be faeces can be seen covering the bathroom floor.

Danny said the former tenant suggested their £500 deposit could cover the ‘carnage’, which turned the surfaces, floors and lower walls black with mould and filth – but the clean-up is estimated to be 30 times that.

Danny said: “She gave her notice to move out but was holding back with the keys, she just kept putting it off even though her tenancy was up.

“Eventually we picked the keys up and that’s what I walked into. I was absolutely horrified.

“It was just absolute carnage in every room. In the video the front room is empty but the skip outside is everything that came out of there.

“When I’m walking through the kitchen you can actually hear things cracking under my feet and that’s all the bottles and plastic rubbish.

“I had to dig to get to the back door, that’s how much stuff was on the floor.

“It was all stuck together – cat litter, dog food, everything – it was horrendous and the smell was unbelievable.”

Danny said: “In the bathroom she’s obviously done what she’s done and left all the stuff outside of the toilet so I’m presuming it’s blocked and doesn’t work.

“I just don’t know how humans can live like that. It must have been going on for years for it to get like that.
“If she’s been living like that up to a month ago there’s clearly something not right but whatever the reason is it still shouldn’t get in that state, it’s just disgusting.”The female “tenant from hell” had rented the home for 18 years with the aid of Universal Credit and is believed to have often had her partner and son stay over as well.He believes they must have been living in squalor for some time for the house to get to the state he found it in.Danny and his business partner now have to front the estimated £15,000 cost to clear all of the rubbish and replace the soiled interior of the home.

But the pair of landlords have reported their former tenant to the police and council in the hope to get her to pay up for at least some of the damages.Online commenters were horrified when Danny posted a video documenting the mess, branding the tenant an “animal” and saying she should be forced to clean the house herself.

One said: “How did people live there! I’ve never seen anything so disgusting. Wish you [could] get them back, no masks or rubber gloves and get them to clean it. Pigs!!!!!!!!”

Another said: “Noooo!!! That’s just vile!!!”

Danny and his business partner were in the process of selling the property and say they had agreed a price before discovering the vile state it was left in when the tenant moved out.They have now had to put the sale on hold and fork out a whopping £15,000 to clear the trash and replace the soiled flooring, bathroom, kitchen and internal doors.

Danny said: “We’re selling some houses at the moment and we had agreed a price on this one but obviously I’ve had to hold them back now – there was no way I was going to sell it in that state.

“The toilet’s got to be thrown, the bath’s got to be thrown, the kitchen’s got to be ripped out, it’s just horrendous.

“It’s going to cost us about £15,000 to get right. It’s got to come out of the business – you don’t get that in rent pay so if everyone did that I wouldn’t have a business.

“She said whatever it costs to do up, keep my bond and use that but the bond was only £500 and it’s going to cost me £1,400 just in skips.

“Whatever it costs we will be taking her to court for. I know she hasn’t got a lot of money but it needs pointing out that you can’t leave landlords in this situation.”









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