iHowz is working for fairer reform for all Renters.

iHowz Landlord Association were delighted to be able to host a briefing to MPs and Lords, in the House of Commons, to investigate ways of retaining no-fault evictions, to help protect tenants and landlords alike.

iHowz is proposing a set of reforms to create a fairer and more balanced rental system for both landlords and tenants. Let’s break down the key points:

1. Retaining No-Fault Evictions with New Grounds in Section 8 Notice:
a. The proposal suggests retaining the option for no-fault evictions but with added grounds in the Section 8 notice.
b. This new ground allows landlords to request eviction without declaring a specific reason.

2. Sliding Scale of Notice:
a. To prevent abrupt or unfair eviction of long-term tenants, the proposal introduces a sliding scale of notice.
b. This ensures that tenants receive a reasonable notice period based on the duration of their tenancy, so long-term tenants cannot be forced out in the current 2 months.

3. Rent-Free Period for Tenants in No-Fault Situations:
a. If a landlord wishes to use a Section 8 ground caused by no fault of the tenant, the proposal suggests offering the tenant the last two months rent-free.
b. This aims to assist tenants in covering moving expenses or finding a new deposit when faced with a no-fault eviction.

4. Incentives for Landlords and Tenants:
a. Landlords are incentivized to act fairly as not doing so could result in losing the right to a no-fault eviction.
b. Tenants are incentivized to comply with eviction notices, as failing to do so would retrospectively result in losing the right to a rent-free period and potentially falling into arrears.

5. Terms and Conditions Apply:
a. The proposal acknowledges that terms and conditions would apply to the rent-free period, ensuring that it is implemented fairly and reasonably.

6. Fixed Term Tenancies:
a. iHowz is proposing amendments to the Renters Reform Bill to allow Fixed Term tenancies to continue if both parties agree.

In summary, the proposal seeks to introduce a more nuanced and balanced approach to no-fault evictions, taking into account the concerns and rights of both landlords and tenants. The additional proposal to amend the Renters Reform Bill reflects a broader effort to address various aspects of the rental market to ensure a fair and workable system for all parties involved.



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