Housing Ministry renamed – again

The term “Levelling Up,” introduced by former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has been officially abandoned by the new Deputy Prime Minister Angela Rayner. Here’s a summary of the recent changes and their implications:

Changes Announced

  1. Rebranding of the Department:
    • The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities will now be known as the Department of Housing, Communities and Local Government.
    • Angela Rayner will be referred to as the Secretary of State for Housing or Housing Secretary.
  2. Rationale Behind the Change:
    • Angela Rayner emphasized the shift to focus more clearly on housing and local government responsibilities.
    • Jim McMahon, a junior minister, mentioned in a BBC interview that “Levelling Up” was considered “only ever a slogan,” indicating a move away from the branding towards more concrete goals.


  1. Focus on Housing:
    • The rebranding signifies a more direct focus on housing issues, aligning with Labour’s ambitious housing plans, including the construction of 1.5 million new homes by the end of the parliamentary term.
    • The emphasis on housing could potentially streamline efforts and resources towards addressing the housing crisis and improving local government functions.
  2. Clarity in Government Roles:
    • By clearly defining the roles and responsibilities under the new department name, there is likely to be more transparency and accountability in addressing housing and community development issues.
    • This redefinition helps in setting more precise goals and measuring progress against these targets.
  3. Political Messaging:
    • The removal of the “Levelling Up” slogan marks a departure from the previous administration’s branding and messaging strategy.
    • It reflects a shift in political priorities and communication strategies under the new government leadership.


The abandonment of the “Levelling Up” term and the rebranding of the department to focus on housing and local government signifies a strategic shift in priorities. This change is aimed at providing clearer direction and focus on addressing the housing crisis and enhancing community development, aligning with Labour’s broader housing and infrastructure goals



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