Housing Minister sacked because of an inopportune Tweet

Rachael Maclean was Housing Minister for 9 months before being suddenly sacked by the Prime Minister to be replaced by Lee Rowley who became the 7th housing minister since 2020 and the 16th over the last 13 years.

Apparently, Ms Maclean was guilty of Tweeting about the government’s plans for leasehold reform on the 29th October almost a week before the Kings Speech.  This was revealed by Robert Peston, ITV’s political editor, where he said in his Tweet “Rachel Maclean was sacked as housing minister for the tweet that she put out. Or at least that is what Downing Street told her. She was of course celebrating her own government’s plan.

“But she did so before King Charles spoke and that it seems was a sackable breach of protocol ­– though not presumably when Downing Street does it!

In herTweet, Ms Maclean posted: “Plans to phase out leasehold and restore true home ownership confirmed today as part of the King’s Speech.

“We will restore true home ownership to millions of people and end the reign of rip off freeholders and incompetent profiteering management companies.”

The new Housing Minister, Lee Rowley has also Tweeted ‘Home ownership is the cornerstone of Conservatism – and for building the property-owning democracy that we all want to see.

“Delighted to be supporting Michael Gove on our ambitious long-term plan for housing – and to build more homes in the right places for everyone.”

It appears the Government now rules via Twitter!



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