Hints of housing measures in the budget

Housing Secretary Michael Gove has hinted at the possibility of housing measures being included in the upcoming Spring Budget, scheduled to be delivered by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt on March 6. With Stamp Duty cuts being a priority for many in the housing sector, especially in anticipation of a General Election later this year, speculation is rife regarding potential initiatives aimed at first-time buyers.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Gove suggested that ensuring access to homeownership for first-time buyers is essential for maintaining public confidence in democracy and capitalism. He emphasized the importance of addressing the challenges faced by individuals seeking to enter the property market, stating that it becomes difficult to justify the current system if aspiring homeowners feel excluded.

The report highlights that among the ideas under consideration are reductions in Stamp Duty or the introduction of a 1% deposit mortgage scheme. Gove expressed a comprehensive approach to addressing housing issues, indicating a willingness to pursue various measures simultaneously to tackle the challenges faced by potential homebuyers.

While Gove did not disclose specific details, he expressed confidence in the Chancellor’s understanding of his priorities and preferences regarding housing policy. The statement implies that discussions are ongoing, with the possibility of housing-related announcements being made in the Spring Budget.



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