Has Labour declared war on landlords?

Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner has launched a strong critique against letting agents and landlords, asserting that her party will champion renters’ rights. Rayner, who also serves as the Shadow Housing Secretary, emphasized that tenants would benefit significantly under a Labour government, highlighting a proposed ban on Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions and an end to ‘rental bidding wars’. She accused the Conservative government of neglecting renters’ needs, citing their failure to address issues such as no-fault evictions and substandard living conditions, including damp, cold, and mouldy homes.

Rayner stated that Labour intends to prioritize renters and good landlords while cracking down on unscrupulous landlords. She pledged an immediate ban on Section 21 evictions if Labour comes to power, though she did not specify how the party would address rental bidding wars. Additionally, Labour plans to implement new protections against damp, mould, and cold in private rental sector homes.

The only effective solution to making renting more affordable, according to Rayner, is to build more homes. Labour aims to construct 1.5 million homes over five years to address the shortcomings of the private rented sector. The party also plans to require all landlords to meet energy efficiency standards by 2030, further enhancing the quality and sustainability of rental housing.



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