Green Party’s Housing Manifesto

Key Points from the Green Party’s Housing Manifesto:

  1. Abolition of No-Fault Evictions:
    • Tenant Security: The Green Party plans to eliminate no-fault evictions to ensure tenants have more stable and secure housing.
  2. Rent Controls:
    • Affordable Rents: The introduction of rent controls would allow local authorities to regulate rents in markets where rental costs are unaffordable for many residents.
    • Market Stability: These controls aim to curb rapid rent increases and provide financial relief to tenants.
  3. New Social Housing:
    • Building 150,000 Social Homes Annually: The Greens propose constructing 150,000 new social homes each year through new builds and refurbishing existing properties.
    • Community Ownership: Policies include empowering local authorities to purchase properties for community use and ending the individual ‘right to buy’ scheme.
  4. Stable Rental Tenancies:
    • Long-Term Tenancy Agreements: Introduction of stable rental tenancies to protect tenants from abrupt changes due to landlord decisions.
    • Residential Tenancy Boards: Establishing boards to offer an informal, cost-effective, and rapid resolution of disputes before they escalate to tribunals.
  5. Energy Efficiency and Green Investments:
    • Right to Demand Improvements: Tenants would gain the right to request energy efficiency upgrades in their homes.
    • Retrofit Programme: A significant investment in a local-authority-led initiative to retrofit homes with better insulation and low-carbon heating systems, aiming for an EPC B standard or above.
    • Investment Figures: A commitment of £29bn over five years for home insulation, £4bn for other building insulation, and £9bn for low-carbon heating systems.

Supporting Opinions and Criticism:

  • Generation Rent’s Response:
    • Positive Reception: Generation Rent, an advocacy group for renters, welcomes the Green Party’s pledges, particularly the commitment to ending no-fault evictions and introducing rent controls.
    • Further Details Needed: They highlight the need for more details on how councils could implement these rent control measures and the specifics of the new social housing plans.

Addressing Fuel Poverty:

  • Higher Risk for Renters: Private renters face a higher risk of fuel poverty compared to homeowners. The Green Party’s focus on energy efficiency improvements aims to address this issue.
  • Financial Support for Insulation: The Greens recognize the need for funding to improve insulation and heating systems, ensuring that renters live in energy-efficient homes.


The Green Party’s manifesto presents a bold vision for transforming the rental market and addressing housing insecurity. By abolishing no-fault evictions, implementing rent controls, and significantly increasing the supply of social housing, they aim to provide more affordable and stable housing options. Their commitment to energy efficiency and green investments further highlights their holistic approach to improving living conditions and combating fuel poverty. However, as Generation Rent points out, the success of these proposals will depend on the details and implementation strategies provided by the party.



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