Green Party candidate pushing for rent controls

A Green Party politician and potential MP candidate for Brighton, Siân Berry, is advocating for the introduction of rent controls across the country. She criticizes Labour for what she perceives as a weakening stance on this issue.

Berry points to a recent YouGov opinion poll that reportedly shows overwhelming support for rent controls, with 69 percent of respondents backing measures such as freezing rents. However, she notes that the results of this poll were only released recently, despite being conducted with 1,137 respondents in the week prior to Christmas.

Using these findings, Berry rebukes Labour, accusing the party of diluting its support for renters by refusing to endorse rent controls should they win the next election. She highlights that even among Labour voters surveyed in the poll, 82 percent supported the proposal for rent controls.

Addressing the London Assembly, Berry emphasizes the importance of rent controls, citing them as an essential part of grassroots groups’ manifestos. She underscores that the polling data indicates strong support for rent controls among Londoners, with 69 percent in favor of introducing such measures.

Additionally, Berry criticizes the progress made by Mayor Sadiq Khan’s administration in creating new affordable homes, citing negative responses from respondents in the poll. She highlights that 63 percent of respondents rated the Mayor’s performance on building affordable homes as “badly,” while only 17 percent chose “well.”

In summary, Berry’s remarks underscore the widespread support for rent controls and criticize Labour’s perceived reluctance to fully embrace this policy proposal. She also raises concerns about the perceived shortcomings in addressing the housing crisis, particularly in terms of creating affordable homes in London.




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