Government unveils a ‘comprehensive plan’ to address the housing shortage

The Government of the United Kingdom has unveiled a comprehensive plan to address the housing shortage in cities, particularly focusing on London. Here’s a summary of the key points from the announcement:

  1. Investment Allocation:
    • £50 million for regenerating London estates.
    • £4 million to explore housing delivery possibilities around Euston.
    • £125 million to unlock three major brownfield sites in East and South London.
  2. Focus on Community Support:
    • Emphasis on supporting existing estate regeneration schemes with community backing.
    • Utilization of £1 billion from the Affordable Homes Programme to aid in the regeneration of old social housing estates, ensuring safety, decency, warmth, and security for residents.
  3. Statements from Government Officials:
    • Secretary of State for Housing, Michael Gove, highlights the significance of the investment in delivering new homes and sustaining the dream of homeownership for Londoners.
    • Commitment to working closely with local authorities, such as the London Borough of Camden, and establishing a Euston Housing Delivery Group to explore housing regeneration opportunities.
  4. Euston Housing Delivery Group:
    • Tasked with evaluating housing opportunities beyond the existing Euston station site, identifying necessary infrastructure and services, and coordinating with relevant stakeholders.
  5. Private Sector Partnership:
    • Collaboration with private housebuilders for major brownfield site development.
    • Positive response from Andrea Ruckstuhl, CEO Europe, Lendlease, regarding the potential for housing delivery and area regeneration.
  6. Brownfield Regeneration Projects:
    • £125 million loan funding to support 8,000 homes in Newham and Southwark through major regeneration initiatives.
    • 40% of new homes on two sites earmarked to be genuinely affordable for local residents.
    • Focus on developing infrastructure alongside residential units, including utilities, green spaces, highways, bridges, and transport links.
  7. Future Legislation:
    • Intent to remove obstacles to Homes England’s ability to deliver housing in London through legislative changes when parliamentary time allows.
  8. Long-term Housing Strategy:
    • Alignment with the Government’s long-term housing plan and commitment to a Brownfield-first approach.

Overall, the announced measures aim to address the housing crisis in London by leveraging public and private sector partnerships, community engagement, and strategic investments in regeneration projects.



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