Government to force landlords to let empty shops

The plan to revitalise high street is due to be announced in the Queen’s Speech on 10 May, the Daily Mail reported.

It will allow small businesses and community groups to take over shuttered properties.

Local authorities will be able to force landlords to rent commercial property on high streets through a Compulsory Rental Auction. Landlords will be given a chance to fill the property, before local authorities begin an auction and invite bids from interested parties.



Who is Angela Rayner?

Angela Rayner, a former trade union representative who grew up in social housing, has been named Secretary of State...

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  1. David Price

    Sequestration of private property by the state, good socialist policy – verging on communist – from a right wing government.

  2. Rodney Townson

    Bad news if you are hoping to buy a mixed use property, then convert shop to residential using permitted development.

    The only commercial activity most councils are familiar with is profiteering from licencing schemes

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