Government severely criticised by the Lords over Regulation of Property Agents

The criticism leveled at the government for its failure to act on the Regulation of Property Agents (RoPA) recommendations is understandable given the widespread support for an independent property agents regulator. The RoPA working party, chaired by Lord Richard Best, published its report five years ago, and there has been frustration over the lack of progress on this issue since then.

The calls from various members of the House of Lords for action on this matter reflect the urgency and importance of regulating property agents to ensure professionalism, accountability, and consumer protection in the industry. The proposal for an independent regulator, as well as mandatory training and qualifications for property agents, has garnered significant support and is seen as a crucial step toward addressing issues such as rogue agents and poor service standards.

However, the government’s response, citing a lack of Parliamentary time and suggesting collaboration with industry and trade bodies, has been met with skepticism. While collaboration with industry stakeholders is valuable, it should not replace the need for effective regulatory measures to safeguard consumers and improve standards across the property sector.

The confirmation that there will be no Parliamentary time for legislation before the General Election further delays progress on this important issue, leaving the property market vulnerable to potential abuses and shortcomings in oversight. Moving forward, there is a clear need for the government to prioritize and expedite the implementation of regulatory measures to ensure the integrity and professionalism of property agents and protect the interests of consumers



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